AIB announces changes to its interest rates

aib1-747266AIB has announced changes to its lending and deposit rates, with effect from close of business, Tuesday, 27th January 2009.

This follows the ECB interest rate reduction of 0.50% which was announced on 15th January 2009.

On the mortgage side, the standard variable rate for owner occupier mortgages decreases by 0.50% to 3.25%. The standard variable rate for residential buy-to-let mortgages decreases by 0.25% to 4.45%. All ECB Tracker related mortgages decrease by 0.50%.

Personal loan and overdraft rates for personal customers remain unchanged. The Bank’s standard variable ‘AA’ loan rate for business loans decreases by 0.25%. The Bank’s ‘AA’ overdraft rate for business customers also decreases by 0.25%.

The Bank’s High Interest Current Account rate reduces by 0.75% to 2.25% (AER).

On the deposit side, the rate on the Parent Saver account decreases by 0.50% to
8.25% (AER). The online Personal Savings Plan rate remains unchanged at 2.75% (AER). The online Notice 7 account rate on balances up to €10,000 also remains unchanged, at 3.75% (AER). The Regular Saver rate decreases from 5.75% (AER) to 5.25% (AER). Special Term account rates are also reduced – in the case of the 3 year account to 2.60% (AER) and in the case of the 5 year account to 3.00% (AER). The Access 30 account for amounts from €100,001 to €2,000,000 reduces to 4% (AER).

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